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Cpl Otto Vogel, USMC, walking on the street
in Honolulu, Hawaii–1944. Otto served with
Battery E, 2/14, 4th MarDiv. He took part in
the landings on Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian &
Iwo Jima. Otto is from Chicago, Ill, but now
lives in Eugene, Ore.

Otto sent this photo to his sweetheart, Nancy
& she carried it while Otto was in the Marine
Corps. Nancy was from Long Beach, Calif.
They met in 1944 when Otto was on liberty
in Los Angeles while he was stationed at
Camp Pendleton.

Photo courtesy Otto Vogel

(above) Marines of Btry E, 2/14 at Camp Maui, Hawaii after the Roi-Namur
campaign–1944. They are standing in front of the 2/14 battalion headquarters.
L–R: Otto Vogel, Al Sonnenberg, Jimmy Hignight, unknown
The small image at right is the stamp on the back of this photo showing
it was passed by the Naval censor. Photo courtesy Otto Vogel

(above) Otto Vogel (left) in front of his tent with some buddies
in Btry E, 2/14 at Camp Maui–1944-1945. Otto doesn't recall
the names of the Marines with him in this photo. If you do,
please e-mail me. Photo courtesy Otto Vogel

(Left) Otto's wife, Nancy Vogel, on their honeymoon at Yosemite in late-1945 after he came home from the Marine Corps. She is wearing Otto's field jacket.
Otto & Nancy were married for almost 60 years when
she passed away at Thanksgiving, 2004.

Photo courtesy Otto Vogel

(Left) Unknown members of the 5th Medical Bn at Camp Tarawa, Hawaii after the Iwo Jima campaign . They hold a sign with the names of the Marines and Sailors in their outfit.

There are 80 names on this sign,indicating it is for a company. Of the names listed, 49 have hearts next to them, indicating that the Marine or Sailor was wounded. 12 have a cross next to their name, indicating the Marine or Sailor was killed in action.

Please e-mail me if you have further information regarding this photo.

Courtesy Donald Pero

(Left) Basil Duncan of Mount Joy, Texas.
He served in the 1st Joint Assault Signal Co, assigned to the 4th MarDiv. Basil served in
the campaigns for Roi-Namur, Saipan, & Tinian. He was wounded in the latter campaign andevacuated to the US for treatment.
Photo courtesy Basil Duncan

(above) Marines of the 81mm Mortar Platoon, 2/28 in their firing
position on Iwo Jima–March 1945. At left on with the field phone
is Pfc Harry T. Graf, USMC, of Trenton, NJ. He was killed in action
by a Japanese sniper on 21 March 1945 in the northwest part of Iwo
Jima. At the time of his death, Harry was 20 years old.
Photo courtesy of Donald Wiant, Harry's cousin

(above) Marines of Pfc Harry Graf's mortar section holding a Japanese
battle flag on Iwo Jima–1945 Photo courtesy Donald Wiant

(above) Harry Graf (left) with a buddy on
Iwo Jima–1945 Photo courtesy Donald Wiant

(above) Marines of HQ Plt, Co. A, 5th Engineer Bn. Iwo Jima–
March 1945 after a month in combat supporting the 26th Marines.

Back row L-R: Pfc Richard McIntosh,Cpl James Kelsey, Cpl Mortimer Goldsmith,
Cpl Raymond Peavey, Pfc Marion McDonald, Pfc James Sheets, Sgt William Haig
T/Sgt Charles Lisenbery, Cpl Kenneth Wilcox, Cpl P.J.W. Miller
Front row L-R: Pfc Antonio Fernandes, Pfc Thomas Kellogg, Cpl Keith Luce,
Pfc Linver Nail, Cpl Pasquale Tanzillo, Cpl Peter Baker, Pfc Dennis Peterson
Courtesy Donald Pero





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